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When Death Comes to TCFM

This packet is based upon “When Death Comes to Meeting” by Pacific Yearly Meeting, as republished in Friends Bulletin in January 1975, and reprinted by Pacific Yearly Meeting in 1980. The main author of this version is Betsy Raasch-Gilman, who added some of her experiences and resources as a hospital chaplain to the packet as… Read More

Draft Statement: Theological Diversity within Twin Cities Friends Meeting

Update as of Jan. 2009 Friends have traditionally rejected the use of creeds, largely from a conviction that no statement of belief can accurately describe or reflect divine reality. There is another compelling reason for us to reject creeds. Over time the spiritual and theological diversity among Friends has become far broader and deeper than… Read More

TCFM Peace minutes

In this time of war, we the members and attenders of the Twin Cities Friends Meeting state our belief in peace. In the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), we believer that there is that of God in everyone.

Welcome to Meeting for Business

In this mutual exploration, there are disciplines which help us. Friends wishing to speak raise their hand. When the clerk recognizes them, they rise, and, when ready, speak their mind. If the clerk asks for silence, all Friends return to worship seeking understanding and openness; in this silence, one speaks only if led.

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