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Ten spiritual commandments — from Jack Phillips

Perhaps better called advices than commandments, the statements below are derived in a general way from Buddhism and Hinduism,, and less clearly perhaps, from the Bible. They are means of liberation from the ego trap. Realize that you are at one with everyone and everything. Realize that your sense of being a separate ego is… Read More

Draft Statement: Theological Diversity within Twin Cities Friends Meeting

Update as of Jan. 2009 Friends have traditionally rejected the use of creeds, largely from a conviction that no statement of belief can accurately describe or reflect divine reality. There is another compelling reason for us to reject creeds. Over time the spiritual and theological diversity among Friends has become far broader and deeper than… Read More

Is there a Quaker Creed?

Posted by Paul Landskroener We know there isn’t a Quaker Creed, but I just came across this quote that was offered as a succinct definition of the Quaker Faith by a former executive secretary of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. I found it strikingly clear and accurate and is the kind of thing that could easily be… Read More

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