Standing Committees

Committee positions are generally for one or two year terms, starting in September.

Building and Grounds:

The Building and Grounds Committee takes the lead in the meeting’s stewardship of the meetinghouse and grounds, with the goal of making our property conducive to the life of the meeting and to the needs of community groups that also use the space. To this end, the committee supports and supervises the resident caretaker and office coordinator. It also addresses urgent and immediate needs of the building, ensures that repairs and maintenance get done, manages large construction projects when they occur, hires paid professionals when needed, and addresses building safety concerns, including ensuring that the city certificate of occupancy requirements are met. Building and Grounds Committee also plans, plants, and maintains welcoming and self-sustaining gardens on the TCFM property, plans the semi-annual yard clean-up, arranges for the trimming of trees as necessary, and carries out special projects.

Deepening – Connecting to Spirit:

The Deepening Committee seeks to create a welcoming environment by having greeters welcome newcomers each Sunday, providing information on Friends’ beliefs and practices, and arranging for small group activities to integrate newcomers, such as Friendly Eights and Creative Listening Circles.


The Fellowship Committee helps TCFM members and attenders to connect with each other over the meal and coffee/tea that it serves every week after the 11:00 meeting for worship and the monthly potluck that it coordinates.  It is also a resource for people planning special events with food, such as weddings and memorial services, although it does not have direct responsibility for these events.  Each member generally works the kitchen two months a year, often trading duties with other members when his or her schedule does not allow working every Sunday in those two months.


The Finance Committee oversees the finances of the meeting, helping the meeting allocate its resources to meet its financial needs and goals.  Using TCFM members’ yearly pledges, it proposes a budget to the meeting, and it oversees the work of the TCFM treasurer.

First Day School:

First Day School Committee supports First Day School teachers and students, and it recruits Friends to teach or substitute teach, or to be a friendly adult presence for teens, or to serve on the committee.  While every First Day School class is different and is focused on its own students’ needs, teachers draw from four themes: the experience of God and silence, the Bible, Quaker history and values, and Friends’ relationship to the wider community.  First Day School’s goal is to support students’ spiritual growth in a safe, nurturing environment in which students and teachers follow Quaker values and practices in the classroom.

Friends Forum Committee

The Friends Forum Committee arranges for adult educational programs, usually held Sunday mornings between the meetings for worship, that nurture Friends’ spiritual development, inform them about important issues, and acquaint them with other Friends’ work both within and outside Twin Cities Friends Meeting.  The committee may provide or coordinate additional programs as well, such as the introductory Quakerism 101 class.


The Library Committee seeks to make written materials available that will be of support to TCFM friends in their spiritual journeys and in their work within the meeting.  The committee orders and logs books and periodicals, shelves new and returned items, maintains and monitors the sign-out system, and assures that items are returned in a timely manner.

Ministry and Counsel:

The Committee on Ministry and Counsel nurtures and oversees the quality of the spiritual life of Twin Cities Friends Meeting. It reflects upon the general health of the meeting and the issues facing it, considers ways to facilitate its growth and harmony, participates in TCFM’s meeting for worship with attention to business, writes and submits to the meeting a draft of its yearly State of Society report, and ministers to individuals based on their particular needs.

Ministry and Counsel Committee forms clearness committees for membership and marriage and reports to the business meeting when individuals are clear to marry or to join TCFM. It also forms clearness committees at other pivotal points in individuals’ lives and may form support or eldering committees on request.

Members close weekly meetings for worship, oversee special meetings for worship such as for marriage or after a death, and see to it that memorial minutes are written and distributed, and that coordinators are named for the prayer list and the weekly spiritual queries in the announcement sheet.  M&C coordinates its work with that of other committees as needed.

New Member Welcoming Committee

The New Member Welcoming Committee welcomes new members with joy and offers each one several possible ways of celebrating this life decision.


The News Committee seeks to facilitate communication within the TCFM community by maintaining the TCFM website and calendar, providing a weekly electronic and print announcement sheet, and publishing a yearly directory of members.


The Nominating Committee works to match the needs of the meeting with the gifts of its members and attenders.  The committee discerns and nurtures the gifts of individuals; familiarizes itself with the work of TCFM officers and committees; uses a Spirit-led process to nominate people for the few positions that require TCFM membership; submits these nominations to TCFM’s monthly meeting for worship with attention to business; provides support, as requested, to committees that find their own members, but does not staff these committees itself; and occasionally helps with the establishment of new  committees by nominating people to serve on them.

Peace and Community Involvement:

The Peace and Community Involvement Committee supports the peace and service activities of TCFM groups and individuals by collecting and communicating information about these activities, keeping TCFM informed about local and national peace and service issues and initiatives, and occasionally coordinating peace and service projects that involve TCFM committees and members, especially our youth.

Racial Justice:

The Racial Justice Committee coordinates Quaker involvement in racial justice action and organizes educational programs about race and racism for the TCFM community.


The Trustees is the committee of the Meeting that constitutes the legal corporation (Friends Meeting House, Inc.) that owns the title to the meetinghouse property. Their duties are limited to carrying out the Meeting’s instructions with regard to the meetinghouse property, such as signing a mortgage to secure a loan for the Meeting and perhaps someday signing a deed selling the property, as well as to conducting a yearly review of the Meeting’s financial records.

Clearness and Support Committees

Any Friend or attender can request a committees of care, clearness or support from Ministry and Counsel Committee. Requests for membership and marriage under the care of the meeting are always processed by clearness committees, and committees can also be requested for support or clearness during times of transition, suffering, or ripeness for spiritual growth.

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