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TCFM Scholarships for Friends Activities – 2014

Funds can be requested for involvement in Friends activities such as Northern Yearly Meeting, Friends General Conference, Pendle Hill, and travel for Friends concerns, such as representation on Friends committees.  The 2014 budget for scholarships is $1500. Please adhere to these deadlines: Make requests for scholarships to Northern Yearly Meeting or Friends General Conference by […]

Framing the “BIG Conversation” about TCFM Reserves

Dear TCFM Friends, At the January MWB we approved our annual budget for 2014 with very lukewarm support. We recognized we do not have agreement on the assumptions underlying that budget. We have agreed we will have a “BIG Conversation” on our underlying financial assumptions, especially how much money TCFM holds in its reserves. This […]

Your Year-End Gift Will Inform the 2014 Big-Picture Conversation

Richard Fuller, Clerk, CDFR (reprinted from the December, 2013, TCFM Newsletter) Friends, Please consider upping your planned giving for 2013 by 5% to 10%. CDFR (Community Development & Fund Raising committee) makes this request for two reasons, with the second reason being more interesting and consequential for TCFM’s long-term future. Reason #1: We are 5% […]

Report on CDFR’ Friends Forum

Richard Fuller At the Friends Forum of Sunday, October 27, the Community Development & Fund Raising committee (CDFR) did some community development by sparking a conversation about Meeting’s finances. Tami Swiggum led off by highlighting some of the themes our committee has encountered during our home visits and in other conversations. She reported that many […]

A Call to Conversation on Community, Worship & Money

Richard Fuller, Community Development & Fund Raising committee [Reprinted from the October 2013, TCFM Newsletter] Is “community” the core of TCFM? Or is it “worship?” Does TCFM need more money? A wonderful conversation has exploded online, in response to my article for the Community Development & Fund Raising committee (CDFR) in the August TCFM newsletter. […]