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A place for Friends to post writings of interest to the Twin Cities Friends Meeting community, and to comment on writings posted by others. To submit writings, click “contact us” above and choose “web clerk” as the recipient.

Framing the “BIG Conversation” about TCFM Reserves

Dear TCFM Friends, At the January MWB we approved our annual budget for 2014 with very lukewarm support. We recognized we do not have agreement on the assumptions underlying that budget. We have agreed we will have a “BIG Conversation” on our underlying financial assumptions, especially how much money TCFM holds in its reserves. This… Read More

TCFM Reserves, Tasty Financial Snack #2

By Richard Fuller, Community Development & Fund Raising committee In Tasty Snack #1 we used our community vessel, to talk about income and expenses.   All that color above the deck of the boat is money, coming and going. In this diagram the different colors are expenses, going out, but of course that same money… Read More

Touring with TCFM, “Tasty Snack” #1

CDFR Offers You a Tasty Snack of Financial Information How do we think about our Meeting’s financial health? “Seems like we are doing OK…” CDFR (Community Development & Fund Raising committee) can say “The glass is not full. And it’s not empty.” We’d like more clarity than that, about our financial situation, but that clarity… Read More

A Conversation Regarding Two Dormant Committees: Peace and Social Action, and Community Service

Notes from Feb. 13, 2010 Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business Notes from May 9, 2010 Adult Education Peace Testimony – approved chapter from upcoming Faith and Practice Add your comments to the conversation February 13, 2010 – Meeting for Worship for Business – Nominating Meeting Worship Sharing Regarding our two dormant committees –… Read More

The Right of Peaceful Assembly

Questions arising in my mind in response to recent postings and recent testimony in Meeting for Worship: Does the Republican Party have a right to peaceful assembly? Does that include deciding who may sit and speak in the meeting? Does that include free access of participants to the assembly without threat of violence or insult?… Read More

Parker Palmer on Leadership

Last Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business I read a passage out of the opening silence. Here it is: Unfortunately, our idea of leadership has been deformed by a myth that links leadership to hierarchy, as if leaders were needed only in systems that operate from the top down. But when we are in… Read More

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