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October 8 MOMSAH Meeting Notes

Synopsis of the notes from the MOMSAH meeting of October 8, 2008 1. Update from Mike We have the results of Inspec’s evaluation of the roof – what we might call Phase O. This investigation/report cost $6000. Perhaps most important piece of information is that Inspec can do a flat roof year round, as long… Read More

TCFM’s Service, As A Community, To Others

Should we be worried that TCFM’s Peace and Social Action Committee (PSAC) and Community Service Committee (CSC) have been inactive for over a year? Some of our members who are deeply grounded in the religious traditions of western civilization are worried. They say (as best I understand them) “We are all connected to one another.… Read More

Request For Proposals for phase II of MOMSAH rebuild

Intro from Richard Fuller, Acting Co-clerk of MOMSAH This document is getting older by the day, and it’s pretty technical–it’s in architects-speak. Still, MOMSAH wanted this to be out in the community where anyone could find it because it gives a good overview of the issues we were facing in August, 2008. Before an architectural… Read More

May 2008 Pearce Mold Report — from MOMSAH Committee

McGregor Pearce, MPH Environmental Health Consultant P.O. Box 14481, St. Paul, MN 55114 Phone: (651) 646-4513 E-mail: Results of sampling at: 1725 Grand Ave., St. Paul, MN Samples collected on 4/24/08 Sample location and time CFU/m3 and number of colonies on plate Molds found 1. Main floor, meeting room 50 liter SAS air sample… Read More

“MOMSAH” An Ad-Hoc Committee For Rebuilding The Meetinghouse

8/8/08, lightly revised 8/13 As Friends who heard the Trustees report at the July 25 MWB know, investigation following the sprinkler break now reveals that the “new” part of the TCFM Meetinghouse is “sick.” This is a semi-technical term, meaning that inside the building’s walls there exist conditions that make using parts of the building… Read More

Response to a Q-horn comment

Dear Patricia, Thank you for your interest in our Meeting. (Have we met? I don’t remember you.) In your comment on my “Q-horn” post, you write, Do I misunderstand your message? Yes you do. Thank you for the opportunity to try again. In the July 2008 Friends Journal, Arlene Kelly asks some of the big… Read More

Parker Palmer on Leadership

Last Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business I read a passage out of the opening silence. Here it is: Unfortunately, our idea of leadership has been deformed by a myth that links leadership to hierarchy, as if leaders were needed only in systems that operate from the top down. But when we are in… Read More

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