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Current newsletter — December 2011– and past archives

Click here to download the latest monthly newsletter* in Adobe Acrobat/PDF format (download free Acrobat Reader software here. This page also contains an archive of newsletters from the past several years as well as the following: Agendas for business meeting *A password is required. Please contact , identifying your connection to the meeting, to request… Read More

Photos from Construction, Gallery 1

These were taken in late May, and in June and early July, 2009. Before Any Construction Yikes! We have to move everything out of the new addition! The pianos, [Clicking on any photo gets you a somewhat larger version.] the benches, and tables, shelving… Empty the moldy rugs & furniture from the Grotto into the… Read More

MOMSAH Update, June 14, 2009

Work proceeds well. Mold work is nearly completed. Roof work has started. Details of heating and ventilation systems are being finalized before installation. Stucco will soon be replaced around FIR west window and back entry wall. Biggest news: it’s now become clear we must plan to be out of the meetinghouse until mid-October. Inspector requires… Read More

MOMSAH Update, May 10, 2009

A contract has been signed with Whole Builders, and they have obtained a permit for the work. We expect a dumpster on site and work to begin May 11. We will receive a work timetable in the next few days, after which we will be able to let Friends know what work will be done… Read More

POPSAH: Finish FIR Apartment

Finishing the FIR apartment Decide on one or a small number of coordinators for this project Decide on overall decorating scheme & arrange for purchase of non-toxic materials Inventory existing appliances for suitability Hang sheetrock -may not be needed Tape sheetrock -may not be needed Primer coat of paint – may or may not be… Read More

MOMSAH gives birth to POPSAH

POPSAH stands for the: Process Of Proposing, Solving And Helping. Background When the Whole Builders construction contract is completed in the fall, a significant amount will remain to be done. (More on that in a moment.) Another upcoming challenge is that MOMSAH is an ad-hoc committee which is to be dissolved when its work is… Read More

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