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TCFM Scholarships for Friends Activities – 2014

Funds can be requested for involvement in Friends activities such as Northern Yearly Meeting, Friends General Conference, Pendle Hill, and travel for Friends concerns, such as representation on Friends committees.  The 2014 budget for scholarships is $1500. Please adhere to these deadlines: Make requests for scholarships to Northern Yearly Meeting or Friends General Conference by […]

Current newsletter — December 2011– and past archives

Click here to download the latest monthly newsletter* in Adobe Acrobat/PDF format (download free Acrobat Reader software here. This page also contains an archive of newsletters from the past several years as well as the following: Agendas for business meeting *A password is required. Please contact, identifying your connection to the meeting, to request […]

WT-2: Worshiping Together, Youth & Adults: Intro & Request for Questions & Issues

Please Give Us Your Questions and Issues about Youth and Adults Worshiping Together. Richard Fuller here. I am a member of the First Day School Committee, the committee responsible for the oversight of our First-Day education of our children. (We recruit teachers, help them with lesson plans, if needed, decide each year what age-groupings of […]


WT-3: OLD is an archive of  WT-3 versions that are outdated. The WT-3 version outdated on _____ The WT-3 version outdated on Sept. 16 [Title of page changed. Old title was: WT-3: We imagine the flow of children and worship on a Worshiping Together Sunday] (updated, 9/11, after Teacher Orientation) Beginning Sept. 26, children should […]

WT-4: Preparations for “Worshiping Together”

Are there differences between “now” and the steps we have for getting everybody started  moving toward “normal Sundays? “WT-4″ is devoted to that thinking. WT-4 is a separate page from WT-3 in order to keep the plan for the next Sundays as clear as possible. Old versions of this discussion are at the bottom. Updated […]

WT-5: Open issues in the Worshiping Together planning: concerns, exceptions, things to be mindful of

Outstanding Issues, as of 9/16 * How can we help preserve the centered atmosphere developed in the classroom as we move toward and into the meeting room? How can we minimize a kid-jam outside the door, with the attendant jostling and distractions? PROPOSAL: Teachers can ask for extra adults to accompany the class to the […]