Time To Shake The Piggy Bank For A Good Finish To Our Construction

Friends, we need some more money to bring our building construction to a good conclusion.

“How much more money?” That’s a chicken and egg question.

The construction which is being supervised by MOMSAH continues to go well, and the end is mid-October, the date promised by Whole Builders all along.

The TCFM “Design Team” and the volunteers it coordinates (and maybe the subcontractors it hires) will finish up the work. This may take longer than mid-October, but hopefully the work that remains will not prevent us from using most of the building.

The “chicken & egg” problem I am bringing to you is that we are running out of the money we have budgeted, and we don’t know how much we should change gears and “make do,” with what is left.

We can “make do” just fine, but we will sacrifice some quality, convenience and efficiency. If the TCFM community has more money available, we can continue to invest more now in work which will save us money and disruption in the long run.

So I’m asking, please pledge what you can, or just send money.

We need to know, no later than next Sunday, September 6, how much money you think you can offer.

I’m talking extra money here, beyond what you already expect to give to the Meeting this year.

Please send your money to:


Twin Cities Friends Meeting

1725 Grand Avenue

Saint Paul MN 55105

Please note on your check: “Extra for construction”.

Pledges of extra money you can contribute this year can also be sent to the treasurer, or you can email them to

The response to this appeal in it’s first week has been very gratifying, and here’s an example of how that money has made a difference:

We recently discovered that parts of the library window had rotted away. In “we can make do” mode, we might have patched the rotten areas. If the patches didn’t hold, we notice, and work on them some more. And we would have saved the meeting a chunk of money, this year. However, several professionals have been clear this is not advisable. For the over-all health of the building it is much preferable to get a whole new bank of four windows that will be trouble-free for years, with a full warrantee. Because of the money that was pledged last week, MOMSAH felt confident to order the new windows.

We have several choices like this, and it is hard to make them when we are in the dark about how many extra $$ the community has available.

So, as Clerk of Meeting, I am asking you all to make pledges or send money, ASAP.

We don’t need all the money ASAP, but we need, quickly, to have an idea of what we can expect.

I understand that our Development Committee is launching a formal fund drive in the fall, and they will follow up on pledges, as well as reaching everybody in the community, which this appeal surely will not.

This is like shaking the piggy bank, just to get an idea of how much is in there.

Time is of the essence here, rather than completeness.

Any response from you, whether it is “I’m maxed out” or a $5 donation, will help MOMSAH and the Design Team know how much more we have available.

In closing, I’ll offer another example of how knowing what resources we have available has been extremely helpful in the decision-making process: the Meeting Room walls.

Because we know we have the money, it makes sense to patch the cracks and paint the Meeting Room walls as part of completing the project, before the sound-dampening panels go back on. Without the money that was pledged last week, we might have waited until later to patch and paint, which would have cost us more than it will now. By doing it next week we avoid the later renting of high scaffolding, which would have meant protecting the floor, moving much of the furniture out of the room, and a fresh wave of fumes making the building unusable for some, for a month or more.

Yours in faith,


Richard Fuller,

Clerk of TCFM


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