The Right of Peaceful Assembly

Questions arising in my mind in response to recent postings and recent testimony in Meeting for Worship:

Does the Republican Party have a right to peaceful assembly? Does that include deciding who may sit and speak in the meeting? Does that include free access of participants to the assembly without threat of violence or insult? If they have these rights and these rights are threatened do they then have the right to enlist the elected government and the police to protect these rights?

Do Quakers have similar rights? If such rights do not exist what danger are Quakers in who hold views that most of our neighbors would consider destructive and dangerous?

To what extent was George Fox’s case to the government that Quakers were innocent and harmless damaged by the fact that many Quakers supported and belonged to a party that intended to overthrow the government?

(I ask these questions deferentially since I am not a Quaker and simply attend the meeting regularly and support it with some little effort and financing. I may be confused and inaccurate in what I assume is the accepted answer to these questions. The comment section exists to inform me of my mistakes. I am not inquiring about the rights of protesters or the possibility those rights were violated. I expect that the inquiries and court cases will expose many violations of the right to protest, some egregious.)

John Cowan

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