Ten spiritual commandments — from Jack Phillips

Perhaps better called advices than commandments, the statements below are derived in a general way from Buddhism and Hinduism,, and less clearly perhaps, from the Bible. They are means of liberation from the ego trap.

  • Realize that you are at one with everyone and everything.
  • Realize that your sense of being a separate ego is illusion.
  • Learn to give up this and your other illusions.
  • Learn not to crave things or loathe things.
  • Learn not to fear.
  • Fear can be dispelled by love, or at least by appreciation.
  • Appreciation is discernment, then amazement, then gratitude.
  • Discern, and answer to, that of God in every person.
  • Experience lovejoy, and communicate it.
  • Know unity and feel unity, to be motivated to serve unity.

Jack Phillips, 9-7-06

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