TCFM Scholarships for Friends Activities – 2015

Funds can be requested for involvement in Friends activities such as Northern Yearly Meeting, Friends General Conference, Pendle Hill, and travel for Friends concerns, such as representation on Friends committees.  The 2015 budget for scholarships/travel is $1500.

Northern Yearly Meeting Annual Session, May 22-25
This year NYM is providing a “write your own scholarship” option on your NYM registration form, although funds for this are limited. Look for the Scholarship line, and deduct what you need to make it possible for you to attend. Therefore, this year, TCFM is not offering help to attend the 2015 NYM Annual Session.

For scholarship help to the FGC Gathering, please adhere to these deadlines:

  • Make requests for scholarships to Friends General Conference by priority deadline of May 3, or final deadline May 10, 2015. Those meeting the May 3 deadline will have priority. Please note that TCFM funds are limited.
  • Early FGC registration online ends April 12, 2015; standard registration begins April 18. Check registration materials for more on requesting scholarships or work grants from FGC.

Requests for other Friends activities or events need to be submitted at least six weeks in advance of the activity or event.

To request a scholarship, please download and complete the form linked below and email it to Scholarship Committee clerk Richard Fuller at richard.osbo.fuller AT

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