TCFM Scholarships for Friends Activities – 2016

Funds can be requested for involvement in Friends activities such as Friends General Conference Gathering, Northern Yearly Meeting, Pendle Hill, and travel for Friends concerns, such as representation on Friends committees.  The 2016 TCFM budget for scholarships/travel is $2500. In the past, the committee has met in early May, considered all the requests it has on hand, and has divided the money available among them.

This year’s clerk of the Scholarship Committee is Mary Ann Crolley, maryanncrolley AT, or find her other contact info in the directory.

Northern Yearly Meeting Annual Session, May 27-30
This year NYM is providing a “write your own scholarship” option on your NYM registration form, although funds for this are limited. Look for the Scholarship line near the bottom of the registration form and deduct what you need to make it possible for you to attend. This year, although TCFM help is not needed to attend NYM Annual Session, NYM asks that your scholarship request be supported by a note from Mary Ann affirming that you are at least a regular attender at TCFM. Therefore, please let her know you are requesting financial support.

FGC Gathering, July 3-9
Early FGC registration online ends April 10, 2016; standard registration begins April 18. Check registration materials for more on requesting scholarships or work grants from FGC. If your request is granted it will come as a credit against FGC registration fees, not including travel or housing.
Because the FGC Gathering is in the upper Midwest this year, TCFM has increased our scholarship/travel funds, hoping that every Friend that wants to attend may do so.
For supplemental help from TCFM to attend FGC fill out the form below.

Requests for other Friends activities or events need to be submitted at least six weeks in advance of the activity or event.

To request a scholarship, please download and complete the form linked below and email it to the Scholarship Committee Clerk.

(One relatively quick way to complete and submit the  form:
1 – Click on the link below.
2 – Download the PDF document that appears to your computer.
3 – Open the PDF file on your computer. The blanks will be highlighted and can be filled in. You may save it, close it, reopen it and edit it as often as you like.
4 – When you are satisfied with it, email it as an attached file to Mary Ann.
If you cannot fill in and submit the form electronically, you may print out the blank page, fill it in and get it to Mary Ann.)


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