TCFM Information for Loaves and Fishes Volunteers

Loaves and Fishes is a national organization that relies on neighborhood churches to provide hospitality to the hungry.  TCFM has been co-hosting a meal with Minneapolis Friends in the Phillips neighborhood in Minneapolis for over 20 years.  We serve 4 times a year on the 5th Monday of a month.  Below you will find answers to questions regarding volunteering for this ministry. If you have other questions, please contact Julie Borgerding July at .

  • Where:   Holy Rosary Church, 2424  18th Av. S, Minneapolis, MN.  Park in the lot behind the church and come in the NW door that leads to the basement kitchen and dining hall.
  • When:   Fifth Mondays – In 2017 these are Jan. 30, July 31, and Oct. 30.

Number and Types of Volunteers Needed  
(Bring your own apron and hat or scarf)

  • Prep: Eight volunteers needed (2-3 from TCFM)1:30-3:30 Chop veggies; prepare bread, fruit and eating utensils.
  • Serving:   25-30 volunteers are needed (10-12 from TCFM)4:45-6:30 Serving starts at 5:15; please arrive early to wash hands and get what you need.
  • Clean-up: 10 Volunteers are needed (3-4 from TCFM)5:00-7:00 Dishes, table and chair clean up.  Come early to eat if you like.
  • Whole Fruit 6-9 batches (3-4 dozen each) for dessert.Please bring to TCFM the Sunday before so that they can be picked up, brought, cleaned and prepped as necessary on Monday.
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