Summary of 2009 TCFM Building Renovation Plans, as of April 22, 2009

A sprinkler leak occurred in January 2008.  In the ensuing investigation of the building, the need for various significant repairs and improvements became apparent.  In fall 2008, a new committee was created to oversee the renovation of TCFM’s meeting house addition.

MOMSAH (Making Our Meetinghouse Safe And Healthy) was convened to select and work with a Design/Build construction firm to create a plan and implement the needed repairs. The plan is being finalized, and a construction contract will be signed with Whole Builders shortly.

Our estimated start date for construction work is May 4th, 2009. Work will continue for several months and will involve all three floors of the new addition. The building will be closed until at least the end of June. This work under contract with Whole Builders will include:

Dealing with Mold and Moisture:

  • Mold remediation: FIR apt space, Stairwell and Bridge, Meeting room, Fellowship room, Furnace/sump room and Electrical room, and perhaps Library (to be determined, once FIR apt work starts). Extent of remediation will vary with the extent of the problem (the FIR apt space is in the worst condition).
  • Removal of the main floor carpet.  (Replacement of it will be TCFM’s responsibility.)
  • Repairs to the sump, and a new concrete floor in Furnace/sump room to keep out moisture.
  • Sealing (moldy) ventilation ducts in concrete floor of Fellowship room.
  • Repairing the Roof and Improving Insulation:
  • Replacement of the roof membrane on the new addition, and evaluation of roof trusses.
  • New highly energy-efficient insulation under this new roof membrane (requiring removal of ceilings of Meeting room, FIR apt, Bridge and Stairwell).
  • Repair of the stucco walls if needed.
  • Insulation of all exterior walls in the FIR space.

Upgrading the Heating and Ventilation Systems:

  • New highly energy-efficient natural gas heating and ventilation system for FIR space.
  • New highly energy-efficient natural gas system for heating and ventilation of the Fellowship room, Library and main hall, as well as for ventilation of the Mtg Room.
  • New hot-water in-floor heating system for the Mtg Room, installed through the Fellowship Room ceiling.  This system will provide better comfort, silent operation, and energy efficiency, while giving TCFM the option later for solar pre-heating of the water.

Other Tasks:

Various tasks to finish the work will be needed, including sheetrocking, paintibng, and caring for the Mtg Room floor.  Many of these will be done in the Whole Builders contract, but several have been set aside for TCFM to do, and will be undertaken through POPSAH (Process of Proposing, Solving and Helping).

Questions about the project:    Check for ongoing updates and how to help, or contact MOMSAH co-clerks:  Elizabeth Barnard (651-776-7821) or Carolyn Carr (612-721-6021)

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