Preparing for the 2/9/09 MOMSAH meeting

MOMSAH met Monday February 9.

In anticipation of that meeting the team of  Carolyn, EB, Jeremy & Mike got the following two documents:

1. An updated “Cost Summary Report” from Whole Builders.


An earlier version had been the subject of much discussion with Whole Builders, and this was their attempt to summarize our mutual understandings, at that point.

2. The next step in thinking about Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) from Whole Builders’ HVAC subcontractor, Sayler.


Both of these documents are merely installments in the ongoing discussion, and probably will be of little interest to most folks. Still, we are talking about large sums of money, and MOMSAH clerks felt even these interim documents should be posted so people can inspect them, if they wish.

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