POPSAH: Finish FIR Apartment

Finishing the FIR apartment

  1. Decide on one or a small number of coordinators for this project
  2. Decide on overall decorating scheme & arrange for purchase of non-toxic materials
  3. Inventory existing appliances for suitability
  4. Hang sheetrock -may not be needed
  5. Tape sheetrock -may not be needed
  6. Primer coat of paint – may or may not be needed
  7. Paint
  8. Finish bathroom
    1. install, toilet, sink & shower – may have been done
    2. tile walls
    3. lay floor covering
    4. install towel racks
    5. install lights?
    6. (bathroom exhaust fan already installed.)
  9. Finish kitchen
    1. install floor covering for kitchen area.
    2. move appliances into place, arrange for gas stove to be connected
    3. Install counters, or has this been done?
    4. Wall treatments? Splash guards, etc. ?
    5. etc.
  10. Finish living area
    1. Install carpet?
    2. etc.
  11. Finish Bedroom
    1. Hang clothes bar in closet
    2. etc.
  12. Finish entry/ storage area

Rough beginning & ending times for the work

Not yet known


In the comments area any TCFM community member is invited to enter any information you feel is relevant.

  • If you think you have the time and skill to coordinate the work of others in this area, volunteer, or give us your rates.
  • If you have particular skills you would like to offer to this project, let us know.
  • Tell us about unused construction materials like bathroom tiling you would like to donate.
  • Tell us what hours and what months you might be available to help.
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