October 8 MOMSAH Meeting Notes


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Synopsis of the notes from the MOMSAH meeting of October 8, 2008

1. Update from Mike

We have the results of Inspec’s evaluation of the roof – what we might call Phase O. This investigation/report cost $6000.

Perhaps most important piece of information is that Inspec can do a flat roof year round, as long as they have a few clear days with low winds.

Consequently – we have time to really explore doing a gable roof instead, or even a green roof as well.

To that end, Mike compiled his guesstimate of a comparison of costs of flat roof vs. gable, based on information from Inspec and Buck Brothers. This 1 page chart was also emailed to everyone in advance. Flat roof is $116K; Gable roof is $160K.

More about Inspec’s Report:
Eval of Roof
– has a parapet wall, it’s fire rated, goes to the deck and isolates attic spaces, so there are 2 halves to the roof, and we should consider them separately:
West half of roof — FIR side of the building
Moisture damage is so bad, it will need be bared to the ribs to expose the joist system
Microbe cleaning will be done
New roof system will probably have suspended ceiling inside of the sheetrock system

East half of roof – Mtg room side
Samples of structural wood are very dry– looks good
Has original sprinkler system that’s like the one that failed on the W side.

What about sprinkler system?
If we do a flat roof:
West side — we have to replace the sprinkler system that failed. We’d put in a wall system, rather than a roof system.

East side –-
– Option 1 – keep the roof system (the one like it failed on the west side, but wouldn’t necessarily expect it to fail on the east side, as that cavity stays heated by duct work).
– Option 2 – we put in matching wall sprinkler system, like one we’ll install on the West side. Doing this would require new piping.

If we do a gable roof:
Both halves of the roof would have a new system…. and this would include installing a small sheetrock soffit.

Eval of Wall system – stucco (yes, we do have real stucco, not the imitation)
Stud side of all windows will need to be exposed.
Inspect the back side (inside) of all stucco.

On E side wall of Mtgroom – -found moisture from roof down the wall almost ¾ to the ground. Will need to investigate this when dealing with the roof. May require working on this from inside – this was not expected.

Shakes need help – many have cupping. Will need to replace some of the bad ones.
Proper care involves light sandblasting, staining, and then restaining every 5 years.

Ways to think about the cost differences of a flat and gable roof:
Gable costs $44K more. Using today’s materials, a basic flat roof will have to be replaced in 15 to 20 yrs., and a gable lasts 40-50 yrs?. But – a better flat roof can be built, at 50% more cost (for only the high-tech membrane, labor would be the same), and would be a 35-40 yr roof.

Green Roof Option:
Inspecs just finished the largest green roof on Target Center. Their Groundwater division took care of this – they have experience and can help us think wisely about this. It’s costly: $250 – $350/sq ft for the green roof system alone, which does not include the work to beef up both sides of trusses. Compare this with $100 – $125 / sq ft. for a conventional roof.

Design expenses
A Flat Roof —
Inspec does Design for flat roof – they’d design it, bid it out, find the contractors to install it.

A Gable Roof –
MOMSAH puts this work in an RFP, and a different firm could/would do the design, other than Inspec – likely a design/build firm.

Chemical Sensitivities:
We agreed we need to anticipate how to really engage on this topic. Ann will be in touch with Mike and Jeremy about this. Others expressed interest as well.

Jeremy’s update:
Firms expressing interest in bidding on Phase I and II:
Buck Bros
Whole Builders
Locus Architects – Design/Build

About Phase II RFP – it already went out, and assumed the FIR apt as is – with no reprogramming. Jeremy says this is not a problem, as some reprogramming of space is not uncommon as a project advances – not a big deal. The firm will be able to assist us in that process, in fact.

Next Steps:
Jeremy will receive and circulate the proposals, and then MOMSAH will discuss them at the Nov 10th Mtg. We talked about having a small group take a cut at them first.

A brainstorm to hang on to:
Elaine suggests: let’s create a handicapped accessible bathroom on the 2nd level – it’s needed, as it’s a floor accessible by the elevator.

The RESULTS of Oct 10 MFB: MfB decided that co-clerks will organize Called Mtgs for Business on the topic of Reprogramming – NOT MOMSAH…., and the co-clerks will ask Mtghouse FDS and MOMSAH to help prepare. More from the co-clerks will follow…..

Construction Timeline:
Mike will get insurance info.
This works like payment for a wrecked car – you get a bid for the repair and it’s covered, or you get a certain amt of cash for the kind of damage you suffered, but you don’t plan to actually repair it, and instead do something else. Since TCFM won’t simply be repairing the simple bits of damage, but doing lots of other additional work, we have to simply get the payout.

Status of the Roof:
Reasons to act fast to repair the roof:
– Not so much about the roof itself – we have 1-3 yrs of remaining function from the existing roof
– Dislocation of the FIRs and related issues
– High heating prices – air gets in and out of the bldg more easily right now/ because of lack of insulation, etc…

Reasons to be less rushed:
– You get the best pricing for work if you put out a bid early for work to be done with an eye to the builder’s other jobs and timeline.

About Money….
We see the need for a new effort focused on fundraising

Fundraising is NOT MOMSAH’s job. We can oversee the spending the $$. But others need to raise it.

Results: At Oct 20 MfB, we recommended that TCFM start a fundraising effort about the repairs. MfB felt ths was premature, and that more information was needed first.

The Interim Decision Group
MOMSAH agrees that we want a small group of people committed to deal with interim decision-making, when circumstances require this.

Mike and Jeremy are Technical Advisors, and Ralph, Richard, and Carolyn are willing to serve on the Decision Group.
This size group is OK for now. We aren’t ready for construction yet, so it’s not pressing that we finalize this. But we should continue to revisit it. We’d prefer not to have people rotating in and out of this role – for continuity’s sake.

– group works together very tightly –on call, basically – during construction.
– needs to help keep things on track with the $$.


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