MOMSAH Update, May 10, 2009

  • A contract has been signed with Whole Builders, and they have obtained a permit for the work.
  • We expect a dumpster on site and work to begin May 11. We will receive a work timetable in the next few days, after which we will be able to let Friends know what work will be done when.
  • There will shortly be an opportunity to help Whole Builders lay down material to protect the Meetingroom floor, protect the Fellowship Room carpet, and remove the Fellowship Room ceiling. It is important to wait until Whole Builders lets us know they are ready for this help: a dumpster is on site, all permits obtained, the material has arrived, someone from WB can supervise, etc. If you are interested in participating, please contact Lynn Cibuzar and let her know typical times when you could be available to help. Lynn will be sending out an email to TCFM folks, inviting you to identify yourself as someone willing to be contacted to learn more about the specific needs and opportunities. Please reply to that if you are interested.
  • It is really important that we follow Whole Builders’ lead when helping with this project. MOMSAH and the G-4 decision group have worked very hard to lay the groundwork for success, and TCFM cannot afford to have this work undermined. All help will be directed through MOMSAH. There will be times when no one besides WB and their subcontractors will be permitted in the building.
  • Regular updates will appear in the Announcement Sheet and the website.
  • Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the speedy preparation of the Mtghouse for the construction work, and for identifying the locations for TCFM to meet while the building is under construction.
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