MOMSAH gives birth to POPSAH

POPSAH stands for the: Process Of Proposing, Solving And Helping.


  • When the Whole Builders construction contract is completed in the fall, a significant amount will remain to be done. (More on that in a moment.)
  • Another upcoming challenge is that MOMSAH is an ad-hoc committee which is to be dissolved when its work is done. To the extent that work remains, we have always expected that it would be picked up by our standing committees, especially Trustees and Meeting House Committee. However, we are not there yet; we are at the BEGINNING of a significant and complicated process of transition.
  • Because many TCFM members over the last year have said they wanted to help with construction, and have claimed that working with tools to remake our meetinghouse will be a great community-building experience, MOMSAH has left many potentially-fun tasks out of the construction contract with Whole Builders. Some of this will be the work of volunteers and some will be paid work for people who have skills not possessed by most of us.
  • And who is going to coordinate this? This is WAY-too-big a one-time project, with time pressures, to dump in the lap of Meeting House Committee.
  • Another layer of complexity is that while MOMSAH is focused on the “new” addition, there are projects in the old house which need to be coordinated with the new construction. For instance, it is silly to invest hugely in making the new addition mold-free while not at the same time attending to our moldy grotto.

Introducing POPSAH, the Process Of Proposing, Solving And Helping.

POPSAH is not a committee, as MOMSAH is.

POPSAH is a PROCESS that we will use to coordinate the transition from the MOMSAH-supervised construction process to the eventual resumption of regular building & repair responsibilities by Meeting House Committee and Trustees.
POPSAH is still being born, and we hardly know what it looks like yet, but it’s clear we can start by gathering information from all interested parties. So we are developing a Project List, and a Time and Skills Inventory. You can see an example of a project here: “Finishing the FIR apartment.”

For each project, MOMSAH will rough out the scope of work and then will hire a contractor or choose a coordinator or two, either paid or unpaid. MOMSAH will go over the guidelines (like, “use only NO-VOC paint”) and discuss the budget for this project.

Some projects, like “Remove nails from the ceiling in the Fellowship room” may happen during the time the Whole Builders contractors are working.

Projects & Inventories

Right now we are using the MOMSAH category of this website to share about upcoming projects and to get offers of time and skills from the community. We may change to another system for the two-way flow of information as things develop.

Generally, we will outline the the tasks that need to be done and we will have a way, like the “comments” section, for community members to provide input. For any project listed any TCFM community member is invited to enter any information in the comments area that you feel is relevant.

  • If you think you have the time and skill to coordinate the work of others in this area, volunteer, or give us your rates.
  • If you have particular skills you would like to offer to this project, let us know.
  • Tell us about unused construction materials like bathroom tiling you would like to donate.
  • Tell us what hours and what months you might be available to help.

Comments to this post:

On the individual projects, like “Finishing the FIR apartment,” we want ideas and offers like those listed just above.

For this post, please comment on the general idea of how we share information about work to be done and who might do it, that is, please share your ideas about the POPSAH process itself.

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