Minutes from the 2/9/09 MOMSAH Meeting

From: Mike Cregan
Attending: EB, Mike C., Jeremy M., Anne H., Hobbie P., Joe, Lynn, Richard F.
* Anne H. will increase the urgency for Lane’s environmental contact to connect with Whole Builders via Jeremy or Mike, as we are at a critical decision point.

o    The group as a whole is open to have either WB’s environmental contract consult the project or Lane’s.

*Concerns/questions related to Whole Builders proposal:

o    HVAC:

  • Will the two zone system located in the lower level still be as loud (or louder) then the existing furnace?
  • What are the cost options if we leave the existing Roof Top Unit and only add a new unit to the FIR and new unit to the lower level?

o    Action: Jeremy and Mike will meet with WB and their Mechanical sub this week before Business for Meeting to better understand their mechanical approach.
o    Ceiling in the Meeting Room and FIR apartment:

  • Minimize sheetrock removal
  • Are we open to ceiling replacement with an acoustical suspended system allowing
    • Increased acoustics
    • Future access i.e. inspection, wire additions, any need for access
    • Less costly to install and replace/maintain
    • Down side – commercial appearance if not tastefully installed.

o    Why so much sprinkler removal work

  • Mike and Jeremy will follow up

o    Roofing selection

  • Would like additional quote
    • Mike and Jeremy will follow up with Kevin Neals contact at Dalsin Roofing
  • Question – what makes this proposed roof any different then our existing 15 year roof?

* Mike and Jeremy plan on meeting with WB to review the new and improved Phase I list that the group decided on and hopefully put numbers to each item before the Meeting for Business this coming Friday.

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