Jubilation — Report from Meeting House Committee to Meeting for Business of Twin Cities Friends Meeting

from minutes for Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, Feb. 11, 2007

As Friends are most likely aware, TCFM has been experiencing joyful and exuberant growth in the past five years. The Meeting House committee has shared in that joy and exuberance, as well as the growth, in welcoming new members to its structure. The Meeting House committee has also been acutely aware of the difficulty experienced by Nominating committee in finding members and attenders who are able and willing to serve on committees, the problem usually being lack of time due to personal, professional, and other Meeting-centered commitments. Two members of our commitee, John Martinson and Laura Whitley Mott, have represented Meeting House committee on the ad-hoc committee to consider creating paid staff positions, currently titled Building Manager and Administrative Person. The ad-hoc committee has presented their report to Meeting for Business, and from that has come the request to Meeting House committee to consider the possibilities of being responsible for recruiting, hiring, and management/oversight of these two positions.

Meeting House committee met on January 7, 2007 and considered this proposal as a main part of its agenda for that evening. Committee members present for that meeting were: Carol Bartoo, Ceil Wirth, John Martinson, Julie Borgerding-July, Laura Whitley Mott, and Ralph Hilgendorf (absent: Greg Whitley Mott and Gerry Skerbitz). Acutely aware that our committee feels overburdened already with tasks and oversight on a number of parts of keeping TCFM afloat, we were immediately agreed that we cannot take on this responsibility. We believe that the Meeting as a whole needs to “own” this responsibility, that Meeting House committee is only a small part of TCFM as a whole and should not and does not want the amount of power this responsibility would entail. Therefore, we cite and call upon the Meeting as a whole to take on this task.

Meeting House committee recommends the following: that Meeting for Business establish a committee that we have given the working title of “Personnel Committee”, with its membership comprised of representatives from the Meeting at large (both committee members and those not yet on any committee), especially the Trustees, Recorder, and Archivist. This committee would provide management and oversight of the two positions in the areas of recruiting, hiring, supervision, performance reviews, acquisition of needed equipment, etc. Consultation and/or direct help would be given by Meeting House committee for the Building Manager and the same is recommended to be given by First Day School committee for the Administrative Person (since their need appears to be the greatest for utilizing that person).

To that end, Meeting House committee is already studying the need for a securable office space and discussing various options. We have just begun this task.

Respectfully submitted in the Light,
Cecilia (Ceil) Wirth
Co-clerk of Meeting House Committee of Twin Cities Friends Meeting

January 30, 2007

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