Jubilation: An Introduction

Jubilation — a year of discernment for TCFM Friends, 2005

In 2005, TCFM Friends joined in worship sharings, business meetings, ad hoc committee meetings, potlucks, and holding each other in the Light — all part of a process of spiritual discernment. We named this year of discernment and the process, JUBILATION.

We were asked to hold the following two queries:

  • What are the ministries of the Twin Cities Friends Meeting?
  • What are the best structures to support these ministries?

For many, this process has been a central one to help us move forward as a Meeting community — to see the way ahead. However, this process has been effected over several years, if we include the planning, actualizing and living in the aftermath of this year of discernment. With such duration and intensity of effort, and new Friends joining, there has sometimes been difficulty in retaining our “institutional memory”.

For that reason, this website has been developed to allow Friends to get caught up, and actively participate in our continued discernment.

What follows are snippets and reports from various TCFM meetings since March of 2004. This serves to share the background and history of this process, culminating with what are TCFM’s current projects which arose out of the Jubilation year of discernment.

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