Inclusiveness of Same Gender Couples: Oct. 1986 Minute

(October 1986 Minute of Twin Cities Friends Meeting)

“Twin Cities Friends Meeting, joyfully recognizing the diversity of sexual orientation within our religious community, affirms the goodness of committed, loving relationships that endure, are unselfish, and that provide mutual support and tenderness. We unite with Hartford, Connecticut Monthly Meeting’s Minute saying: ‘That so deeply enriching and spiritually fulfilling an experience as love between two individuals should be limited to those of the opposite sex we find inconsistent with the Quaker principle of the universality of love in the light.’

“We now affirm our willingness as a Meeting to hold celebrations of loving commitment under our care, in accordance with our traditional procedures, for both opposite sex and same sex couples, one or both of whose partners participate in our community as members or attenders. We intend to follow the same customary and careful process of arriving at clearness for any couple, regardless of sexual orientation, who should wish to unite under our care. We are aware of the diversity of attitudes toward the term marriage and leave to the couple the characterization of their relationship. In cases where the laws of the state of Minnesota permit, should a couple celebrating with us their relationship desire to certify their union legally, the oversight committee will assist with arrangements.”

  • Click here for “Epistle on LGBTQ Friends” approved by Friends General Conference Central Committee.

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One Response to Inclusiveness of Same Gender Couples: Oct. 1986 Minute

  1. mike December 8, 2009 at 11:06 am #

    I just want to thank the TCFM membership for their support of the LGBT community.

    I appreciate the enormous amount of personal prayer, thought and discussion your members participated in to reach this decision.

    i also appreciate the decision to enter the public spot light and make this endorsement.

    I am encouraged that people of true faith and spiritual belief exist, and that they are willing to take a peaceful but significant stand for the rights of those oppressed by dogmatic and bigoted belief system leaders.

    I am encouraging other people I know to come here and thank you personally for your efforts and resolve.

    again my heart felt thanks and utmost respect for each and every member of the TCFM.

    Thank You


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