Home Visits with CDFR

CDFR = Community Development & Fund Raising committee, with the emphasis on the first two words.

TCFM is pretty special, as Quaker communities go. Not “better,” than others, but “valuable and unique, in its own peculiar ways.”

And what are these ways? Specifically, what does TCFM community mean to you? The good and the bad. In what ways are you nourished? Frustrated?

CDFR wants to know. We are undertaking a series of home visits to get to know individual Friends better, and to learn more about the community as a whole: the particulars of our strengths and weaknesses.

CDFR currently consists of Richard Fuller (clerk), Lisa Day, Jeremy McAdams and Tami Swiggum. We visit in pairs, for a little more than an hour, or a lot. It’s REALLY NICE! We have more in common than we get a chance to notice, in our brief and busy times together, and a quiet, focused conversation turns out to be a wonderful thing.

We have a handout of Queries and Questions, which you can see here.

Please, consider having us for a visit. Talk to any of us, if you are interested. Or just contact Lisa [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] or call her, 651-402-9262, to schedule a visit.

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