Standing Committees

Committee positions are generally for one or two year terms, starting in September. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact nominating committee.


Helps create a welcoming environment for visitors. Eases the transition from newcomer to regular attender. Provides information on Friends’ beliefs and practices. Arranges for greeters before meeting, provides nametags and newcomer pamphlets, and monitors announcements on the bulletin boards and hall tables.

Community Development and Fund Raising

CDFR works to encourage a vital TCFM community in which most regular attenders understand the main issues facing that community, financial and otherwise.  Committee members visit M/members in their homes, encouraging them to articulate their relationship to Meeting, including both their pleasures and their discontents, and asking them to reflect on the gifts they might offer the meeting community, both monetary and from their talents.  The committee’s short-term measures of success are that TCFM has enough M/members serving on the standing committees, and that the community has enough money to cover its operating expenses and needed capital developments.  CDFR’s broader goal is to strengthen Friends’ sense of positive connection with the entire TC Quaker community and to encourage Community-wide discussion of the issues facing Meetings, including responses Meetings should make to changing economic and cultural circumstances.


Provides social hour following meeting for worship and 3rd Sunday potlucks; plans and coordinates holiday social gatherings and other non-regular social functions on behalf of the meeting.


Considers long-term financial needs of meeting; monitors pledges; prepares financial reports.

First Day School

Provides educational activities for children and teens to assist in developing an understanding of Quaker history, beliefs, and attitudes; ensures that appropriate staff, materials, and space are available; includes a Curriculum Subcommittee; provides Nursery Coordinator.

Friends Forum

Arranges for adult educational programs, usually held Sunday mornings between the Meetings for Worship; may provide or coordinate additional programs as well, such as Quakerism 101.

House Use

Recommends policy and regulates use of the Meeting House; is responsible for policies and decisions regarding use of the Meeting House, its orderliness and cleaning; hires Friend in Residence.


Acquires and catalogs appropriate books and periodicals; cares for the circulation of books and periodicals.

Maintenance, Repair, and Construction

Does hands-on repair work; maintains maintenance manual; ensures there is compliance with building codes, such as occupancy, elevator function, etc.


Address urgent and immediate needs of the building facility. Attend to repairs and maintenance. Manage large construction projects. Support the Friend in Residence. Address concerns of building safety & compliance. Hire paid professionals as needed. Pursues intercommittee work with Stewardship Comm. as needed.


Newsletter, Announcement Sheet, Website, Bulletin Board, Mailing list/Directory, Newsletter production. Disseminates information to the meeting community through the coordination and distribution of the monthly newsletter, weekly announcement sheets, bulletin boards, Meeting directories, website, etc.

Peace and Community Involvement

Keeps Meeting informed of current social issues of concern to Friends; supports individual or committee activities related to peace and community service; helps members and attenders connect with others in the Meeting, Friends organizations, and local organizations related to peace and community service activities.


Address important and long-term needs of the building facility. Focus on community involvment and coordinating meeting-wide activities. Raise awareness of value of stewardship. Develops “people resources” and provides opportunities for skill-sharing. Pursues intercommittee work with Meetinghouse Comm. as needed.

Clearness and Support Committees

Any Friend or attender can request a committees of care, clearness or support from Ministry and Counsel Committee. Requests for membership and marriage under the care of the meeting are always processed by clearness committees, and committees can also be requested for support or clearness during times of transition, suffering, or ripeness for spiritual growth.


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