Civil Marriage for Already-Married Couples, Revision 1

NOTE: Newly revised version available as part of agenda for July 2013 Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.

Query: Spirit leads state law to recognize marriage equality starting August 1st. TCFM will sign marriage licenses to honor and celebrate our already-married couples and their families. How shall we minute this?
Linked below, in PDF format, is a draft minute, “Civil Marriage for Already-Married Couples, Revision 1” offered to all within the TCFM community for consideration. This first attempt was lovingly created by Friends who worked quickly and tirelessly drawing on legal and Quaker resources. Copies are in the library.
Action: Respond to Ministry and Counsel (M&C) before June 18 or to the Clerk at to share how Spirit is moving for you.
Timeline: This draft minute and your responses come to M&C at the June 18 meeting, and M&C will propose a revised minute for approval at the Meeting for Business (MWB) on July 14 or earlier at a called MWB.
Summary: This draft is just a starting point and we ask Spirit to lead us to create a Minute that all in the TCFM community contribute to as we share our Light, our Needs, and our Experiences with one another.
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