Becoming a Member of Twin Cities Friends Meeting

Linked below is a document with information on the process of becoming a member. During this time, please feel welcome to contact any of the listed Ministry and Counsel members if you are interested in becoming a member of Twin Cities Friends Meeting or if you have questions about membership or the membership process. Thank you!

Joseph Kieltyka (co-clerk)
(612) 272-6461
Anne Holzinger (co-clerk)
(612) 724-2439
Maia Twedt
(612) 558-3276
Karen Jeffords-Brown
(651) 698-0180
Susan De Vries
(651) 233-7025
David Kirchner
(651) 324-4563
Charley Underwood
(612) 722-1545
Laura Whitley
(651) 322-0190
Val Stoehr
Anne Hibbard Gale Rohde
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