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TCFM’s Service, As A Community, To Others

Should we be worried that TCFM’s Peace and Social Action Committee (PSAC) and Community Service Committee (CSC) have been inactive for over a year? Some of our members who are deeply grounded in the religious traditions of western civilization are worried. They say (as best I understand them) “We are all connected to one another.… Read More

Response to a Q-horn comment

Dear Patricia, Thank you for your interest in our Meeting. (Have we met? I don’t remember you.) In your comment on my “Q-horn” post, you write, Do I misunderstand your message? Yes you do. Thank you for the opportunity to try again. In the July 2008 Friends Journal, Arlene Kelly asks some of the big… Read More

Parker Palmer on Leadership

Last Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business I read a passage out of the opening silence. Here it is: Unfortunately, our idea of leadership has been deformed by a myth that links leadership to hierarchy, as if leaders were needed only in systems that operate from the top down. But when we are in… Read More

Thank You John, & all the Family

At the April 11 Meeting for Worship with attention to Business, Anne Supplee and I (TCFM Clerk) were directed to acknowledge John Martinson’s letter relinquishing his ministry to TCFM’s physical home. We sent the Martinsons the following letter: April 17, 2008Dear John, & Fran, & Jonetta and Angela, & Kate and Gillian How important all… Read More

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