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EWL-6 Practice Sessions, Summer, 2010

If you need background on Experiment With Light (EWL), see EWL-1, EWL-2 & EWL-3. For people who already know what Experiment With Light is, and who are still looking for opportunities to practice, we plan to host practice sessions on the Sundays of July 4 & 18, and August 1 & 15. All are welcome.… Read More

EWL-3 Getting your group functioning smoothly

1. For your regular meetings, you’ll want a location free of distraction. A private home? TCFM’s “New Classroom,” or one of the classrooms in the old building, or the Grotto? 2. Your group needs to decide on what format your meetings will have. In Britain, Lois interviewed Bronwen, who had been part of an EWL… Read More

EWL-2 Outline for Three EWL Group Launch Sessions

Lois’ presentation about Experiment With Light (EWL) on January 31 was well received. Some of what she said can also be found in her review of the book, Seeing, Hearing, Knowing – reflections on Experiment with Light. During her presentation and after, I have received much interest and good advice about the upcoming three sessions,… Read More

EWL-1: Form Experiment with Light Groups?

Experiment with Light: How We Might Receive Guidance and Strengthen our Connections With The Invisible World By Richard Fuller BACKGROUND The most wonderful and terrifying thing George Fox said was that we can all have a direct connection with the Divine. We do not need priests or other intermediaries to give us guidance about how… Read More

Reflections on my 17-month term as clerk

by Richard Fuller Wow! What a ride! My assistant clerk, Anne Supplee, and I celebrated out last day on the job on August 31. We had a running query through our term which I believe we repeated to each other monthly: “Are we (still) having fun?” The shared answer has always been “yes!” And it… Read More

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