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Duluth-Superior Meeting’s Minute on Copper-Nickel Mining in North Minnesota

Before the Minute and attached resources, see excerpts below from an email from Bart Sutter, Duluth-Superior Peace and Social Concerns Committee, sent to TCFM Peace & Community Involvement Committee, about this Minute. TCFM friends will want to note that Bart will be speaking about the spiritual aspects of this copper-nickel mining issue at the Prospect… Read More

PCI Homework: Prepare for February 23 discussion of Shared Security

The American Friends Service Committee and Friends Committee on National Security have issued a joint report for Meetings and individuals to read and respond to: Shared Security: Reimagining U.S. Foreign Policy. The TCFM Peace & Community Involvement committee is hosting discussions of this document, in order to prepare a response to send. Please visit the… Read More

Resources for learning about White Privilege

A small group of people from TCFM and outside the meeting have met for 6 sessions this summer to consider white privilege. As we studied and discussed, we discovered that we each had different resources. We have compiled these all into one list, linked below as a PDF file, and offer it to anyone who… Read More

Civil Marriage for Already-Married Couples, Revision 1

NOTE: Newly revised version available as part of agenda for July 2013 Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business. Query: Spirit leads state law to recognize marriage equality starting August 1st. TCFM will sign marriage licenses to honor and celebrate our already-married couples and their families. How shall we minute this? Linked below, in PDF… Read More

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