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Pledging? Taking Stock, Making Plans

Pledging? Taking Stock, Making Plans By Richard Fuller, Fran Martinson & Tami Swiggum Community Development & Fundraising Committee Looking at art in our building during the September art fair got us noticing what a lovely building we have. We have a lovely community too, strong, and large by Quaker standards. Oh yes, there are problems,… Read More

Becoming a Member of Twin Cities Friends Meeting

Linked below is a document with information on the process of becoming a member. During this time, please feel welcome to contact any of the listed Ministry and Counsel members if you are interested in becoming a member of Twin Cities Friends Meeting or if you have questions about membership or the membership process. Thank… Read More

Framing the “BIG Conversation” about TCFM Reserves

Dear TCFM Friends, At the January MWB we approved our annual budget for 2014 with very lukewarm support. We recognized we do not have agreement on the assumptions underlying that budget. We have agreed we will have a “BIG Conversation” on our underlying financial assumptions, especially how much money TCFM holds in its reserves. This… Read More

Duluth-Superior Meeting’s Minute on Copper-Nickel Mining in North Minnesota

Before the Minute and attached resources, see excerpts below from an email from Bart Sutter, Duluth-Superior Peace and Social Concerns Committee, sent to TCFM Peace & Community Involvement Committee, about this Minute. TCFM friends will want to note that Bart will be speaking about the spiritual aspects of this copper-nickel mining issue at the Prospect… Read More

PCI Homework: Prepare for February 23 discussion of Shared Security

The American Friends Service Committee and Friends Committee on National Security have issued a joint report for Meetings and individuals to read and respond to: Shared Security: Reimagining U.S. Foreign Policy. The TCFM Peace & Community Involvement committee is hosting discussions of this document, in order to prepare a response to send. Please visit the… Read More

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