Archive | October, 2013

TCFM Reserves, Tasty Financial Snack #2

By Richard Fuller, Community Development & Fund Raising committee In Tasty Snack #1 we used our community vessel, to talk about income and expenses.   All that color above the deck of the boat is money, coming and going. In this diagram the different colors are expenses, going out, but of course that same money… Read More

What Does the Community Development & Fund Raising Committee Think it is Doing?

–Richard Fuller [Reprinted from the August 2013, TCFM Newsletter] WHAT A SURPRISE! How like life! We, CDFR, were chartered a year and a half ago to raise funds for big-investment projects but learned we should do something else instead. And it all makes sense! Meeting minutes March 11, 2012 … #7. Nominating Committee, Gillian Martin.… Read More

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