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WT-2: Worshiping Together, Youth & Adults: Intro & Request for Questions & Issues

Please Give Us Your Questions and Issues about Youth and Adults Worshiping Together. Richard Fuller here. I am a member of the First Day School Committee, the committee responsible for the oversight of our First-Day education of our children. (We recruit teachers, help them with lesson plans, if needed, decide each year what age-groupings of… Read More


WT-3: OLD is an archive of  WT-3 versions that are outdated. The WT-3 version outdated on _____ The WT-3 version outdated on Sept. 16 [Title of page changed. Old title was: WT-3: We imagine the flow of children and worship on a Worshiping Together Sunday] (updated, 9/11, after Teacher Orientation) Beginning Sept. 26, children should… Read More

WT-5: Open issues in the Worshiping Together planning: concerns, exceptions, things to be mindful of

Outstanding Issues, as of 9/16 * How can we help preserve the centered atmosphere developed in the classroom as we move toward and into the meeting room? How can we minimize a kid-jam outside the door, with the attendant jostling and distractions? PROPOSAL: Teachers can ask for extra adults to accompany the class to the… Read More

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