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MOMSAH Report to Nov 14, 2008 Meeting For Business

By Carolyn Carr, co-clerk At our Nov 10 mtg, MOMSAH made an important decision and accepted one of the three proposals submitted to us for Phases I and II. Perhaps as importantly, in the course of reaching this decision, we came to terms with differences among the committee members, and gained a new understanding about… Read More

MOMSAH Mtg Summary– November 10, 2008

Compiled by Carolyn Carr Attending: Anne Holzinger, Carolyn Carr, Elizabeth Barnard, Carol Bartoo, Greg Whitley Mott, Hobie Perry, Jeremy McAdams, Joe Landsberger, Lynn Cibuzar, Mike Cregan, Ralph Hilgendorf, Richard Fuller, Valerie Stoehr Not Attending Dean Zimmerman, Elaine Martin, Kiara Buchanan, Rob Axtmann We opened with silence. 1. Co-clerks and Interim Decision Group: Richard announced that… Read More

Proposal for TCFM restoration

Intro by Richard Fuller At our November 10 meeting, MOMSAH selected Whole Builders as our Design-Build firm for reconstruction of the Meetinghouse, based on their proposals for Phases I and II. Proposal for Phase I Scope of Design/Build Services – Phase I DESIGN/BUILD SERVICES Whole Builders design/build services are typically a two-step process with separate… Read More

Request for Proposals – phase I – October 7, 2008

Twin Cities Friends Meeting (TCFM) Meetinghouse Committee/ Trustees Request for Proposals – phase I – October 7, 2008 Architectural, Interior, and Engineering Services for TCFM, 1725 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105 Introduction On Jan. 26, 2008, a sprinkler pipe burst above the Meetinghouse (MH) apartment, spraying water down into the space. With some investigation,… Read More

October 8 MOMSAH Meeting Notes

Synopsis of the notes from the MOMSAH meeting of October 8, 2008 1. Update from Mike We have the results of Inspec’s evaluation of the roof – what we might call Phase O. This investigation/report cost $6000. Perhaps most important piece of information is that Inspec can do a flat roof year round, as long… Read More

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